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The exhibition information in Suzhou

The recreational clothing exposition in Suzhou in 2006

The date of start and end: 2006-4-6 to 2006-4-8
Exhibition building's name: The International Bolan Center of Suzhou
The cities and provinces: Jiangsu Province Suzhou City
The topic of exhibition: Guide the recreational vogue and promote the brands' development
Manage units: Guohua Exhibit Limited Company of Suzhou Huazhan Business Consultation Limited Company of Suzhou
Special supports: Clothing Net of Zhejiang Chinese Astute Net

The introduction of the exhibition:
In recent years, the people pursue to the recreational vogue more and more and severely, the cultural principle of emphasizing the freedom and pursuing the characters become the essential trend of the recreational clothing, the style of the recreational clothing also internationalizes gradually, the category is gradually diverse, consume gradually characteristic, the brands. The region of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shang is also a station to follow in the front of the vogue, the consuming market is huge. Recreational clothing exposition of Suzhou is held one time every year, they will still hold the yarn exhibitions of assist to anticipate, stitch the equipments and the embroidery machine exhibitions, the knit fabric equipments exhibitions in the same period, become complete terrace of the spinning industry. The whole exhibition will take market, vogue, brand as the core of exhibition, take the need of the company professional businessman joining exhibition as the work center of gravity, laying particular emphasis on the organization and developments of the buyer markets, actively create the company trade exchanges terrace. The exhibition will carry out the professional audiences to organize the work completely, including the oversea businessmen, the spinning business enterprise, outside trade units, business agents, the wholesale dealers, department stores, the machine manufactories, the news medium etc., carry through the exhibition principle of customer highest at the same time, expand the extension service of the exhibition, promote to join the exhibition the results completely.

The advertise expansion:

The strong dint integration of the professional medium, the super big advertisement appearance inside profession exhibition and close the market interactive advertisement mode will let the exhibition walk up the companies joining the exhibition, let the companies joining the exhibition more understand the exhibition.

District advantage:
Take Suzhou as the core to radiate the 20 spinning and making dress profession systems' important cities in region of Tai Lake, became the strong spinning profession industry chain, also is the important economic life vein of the whole long triangle region. It includes Suzhou, Wujiang, Cangshu, Zhangjiagang, Taichang, Kunshan, Wuxi, Jiangyin, Nantong, Changzhou, Shaoxing, Hangzhou, Haining and Shanghai.

The beginning time of exhibition: April 4th of 2006 to April 5th of 2006 8:30-17:30
The exhibition's time: April 6th of 2006 to April 8th of 2006 9:30-16:30
The end time of the exhibition: April 8 in 2006 16:30
The scope of professional exhibition articles: The vogue leisure, occupation of leisure, Business leisure, Youth leisure, sport leisure, the house resides leisure and the child's leisure
The publicity passes the database of the origination, adopts the method of sending directly to carry on the buyer general mobilization; carry on the outdoor advertisement publicity spinning markets in Suzhou and the peripheral cities, small compass and the transportation main routes; Build up the exhibition's website, release the related information, build up the interaction of the exhibition company, audiences and the sponsors; Sponsors and co-sponsoring units will make use of the resources and influences of the oneself, invite the domestic and international professional audience to the meeting; Invite the related business enterprise of everyplace to arrive and would visit, talk over, buy through a supervisor section, the profession association; related exposition of experienced industry issue the exhibition and will publicize the data up; Print the the exhibition previewed before to carry on exhibition articles to send to recommend and send to buy company's hands.

Address: Bolan Square in Modern Road in the area of Industrial Park of Suzhou
Sponsor: People Government of Suzhou City
Organizers: The economy and trade committee of Suzhou City, The cooperation bureau of foreign trade and economy in Suzhou City, the International Bolan Center of Suzhou
Contraction units: The Huohua Exhibit Limited Company of Suzhou
linkmen: Wang Lin, Shen Shuhua
Contraction address: Bolan Square in Modern Road in the area of Industrial Park of Suzhou Telephone: 0512-62804328, 67773667
Postal code: 215021
Fax: 0512-62804355, 67773557

International Latex and Plastic Industry Exposition of Suzhou in 2005

The exhibition's name: International Latex and Plastic Industry Exposition of Suzhou in 2005
The time of openning exhibition: 2005-10-12
End time:2005-10-14 The building of the exhibition: International Bolan Center of Suzhou
Sponsor: People Government of Suzhou City
Organizers: Huizhan Investment Consultation Limited Company of Shanghai
The exhibition's category: Machine, industry, processing
Place region: Suzhou City

The scope of joining the exhibition:
The plastics machine and equipments: The plastics extrudes to model the production technique and equipments; The plastics is hollow to model the production technique and equipments; The plastics injects to model the production technique and equipments; The plastics presses to postpone to model the production technique and equipments; The plastics processes the assistance production technique and equipments; Prepare to process and be recycled the machine equipments, the rubber machine and the equipments admixture machine, open the vulcanized machine of machine, the machine, rolling mill, flat panel and press the machine etc. products to model the equipments. The oak processes the quantity examination instrument and the equipments examination instruments and equipments, production lines automatic control instrument and appearance, the control module, temperature controller, electronics from control and monitor equipments etc. The oak processes to use the chemical engineering raw material, help and lend support to the material rubber, special kind rubber, hot and solid sex plastics, engineering plastics, change the sex plastics, luxuriant metals plastics, synthetic resin, change the sex, strengthen and fill to anticipate, color the mother anticipate, color powder, plastics printing ink, glue to connect, defend the aging, anti- oxygen and decorate the sex material, the paper of gold, heat to turn to print paper etc.
The oak processes to extrude to process to use the molding tool with the molding tool and the accessories plastics, hollow blow to use the molding tool, note the molding tool, extrude a mold of the machine machine and deliver to steep the plastics to model the molding tool, rubber ware to model the molding tool, various new technique new the material molding tool, liquid presses and annoys to move the module, liquid to press the motor/ pump, plastics use pole, anticipate tube etc. The new oak product and semi-processed goods, the finished product supply and order to process the new material, new technique of the service adoption to process, be recycled to serve etc. after produce of the chemistry building materials, industry accessories, decorate the material and decline to solve the plastics, plastics metal alloy, semi-processed goods and finished products supply and order to process the service. Plastics packing: Pack the machine and equipments, packing material, the compound packing material.

Agenda arrangement:
Check in, get ready for exhibition: October 10th of 2005 to October 11th of 2005 8:30-17:30
Opening ceremony: October 12th in 2005 9:30
Exhibition: October 12th of 2005 to October 14th of 2005 9:30-16:30
Withdraw the exhibition: October 14th in 2005 16:30
Address: B No.36 in Jing Park in west suburb of No.999 of Gaojing Road in Shanghai City
Postal code: 201702 Telephone: 021-59888182
Fax: 021-54580209 Http://
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