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Welcome to Suzhou!
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Suzhou Shopping

Although the place in Cangshu is not big, remits to gather everyplace equally particularly various merchandise of the mainland in Jiangsu. Food, clothes and things for using all have. Particularly eye-catchers are various quality goods at reasonable prices small merchandise or local special products, including the curio. Those refined runts in the merchandise heap of the feast for the eyes are special attractive. Accidentally on looking at, they give out flickering light in the sun, send forth a captivating brilliance. If you draw the ancient machines and ancient relics to have the research to the ancient word thou by happy chance, meet with the luck, can still discover that the treasure. In the making copy curio articles, sometimes the bad sun is wrong, return and really there will be the priceless treasure to spread to fall among them. But unless you are Bole, otherwise is to not identify something to come out.

Shopping places


Markets' names



Suzhou City

Shopping center


No.412 of People Road

Suzhou City

Bairunfa Bussiness Building of general merchandise head office of Suzhou


No.168 of Donghuan Road

Suzhou City

The first general merchandise store


No.440 of People Road

The special product in Suzhou

>>Green Hair Turtle
The Green Hair Turtle lives in the shade of the Yu Mountain's mountain brook at first. Qin Huaihai's poem said," The turtles hide in the Kanshui the hairs are all green". Kanshui is the green water, is seldom to be seen sunlight, living the green Tai easily, stir up on the turtle plank, hairs are longer for long time. It has become the interesting and novel decoration on the desk, use the prosperous clear water of white porcelain pot to keep it especially, its hairs are more verdant and lovely, make the persons enjoy to please the eyes.

>>The laces in Cangshu
It is called the carving embroider in Cangshu again, beginning from 1917. It is one of the famous handicraft carving embroider of our country, takes the careful work, fine and delicate, gorgeous color, the carvings and embroiders to combine, button up to stick to match each other, simple, refined and generous, the assortment is numerous, beautiful and practical, so it is known for Chinese and Foreign.

>>Small things by the black wood carving
The black wood handicraft products in Cangshu have the long history, are known for simple shapes, flowing freely lines, fine work, whet the paint shining, they are generous, the craft is strong, the collecting value is high, it is the tour trophy which gathers practical and enjoy for the integral whole.

>>The snake healthful articles, the leather products
The snake healthful articles of Cangshu have great reputation, there are Longliqi capsule, Mengtianqi capsule, the skin care things etc., they have the special effects of face beauty and keeping to permit, they develop the leather products, such as suitcases, boxes, belts of snake's leather again in recent years, it is the trophy which the people who come to visit in Cangshu choose firstly.

>>The embroider of Suzhou
The embroidery craft of Suzhou and the embroidery of Hunan, the embroider of Sichuan and the embroider of Guangdong are called the four famous embroiders in China. The embroider of Suzhou has the history for more than 2600 years up to now, now, the needle methods of the embroider of Suzhou can be divided into 48 kinds of 9 major types, use the diapason and cultured color, do not show the trace of the smooth flutter, go the needle consistently, have no the not even places. The topics of embroider of Suzhou regard persons, landscapes, flowers, birds and animals as principle, there are embroider slices, volume faces, screen slices, screen...etc. After the establishment of People Republic of China, the entertainers of Suzhou created successfully two-sided embroider, include two-sided embroider with same color, the two-sided different color embroider, the different color of two-sided different body embroider, the two-sided different color or bodies portrait embroiders etc. Its representation is the two-sided cat. The embroider of Suzhou in the region of Zhen Lake is the most well-known.

>>The special product --- Song Jin
Jin is a kind of deluxe silk goods, Song Jin is produced in Suzhou, Yun Jin is produced in Nanjing and the Shu Jin is produced in Sichuan, they are called three famous Jin in China together. Its craft of knitting is fashionable, Jingsi has Mianjing and Dijing, so is called Chong Jin again. The biggest special feature of Song Jin is elegant patterns, the color is cultured, neat to stand, the ancient joss-stick and color, they often are used in mounting the valuable calligraphies, the deluxe gift boxes, also can be made to the special kind clothing and laces.

>>The fans in Suzhou
In China, only the fans in Suzhou can be comparable to the fans in Hangzhou, the species of the fans in Suzhou are numerous, and the fans which take most the great reputation are Folding Fan, the Sandalwood Fan and Juangong Fan. The Folding Fan often is called the Ya Fan, was stream into from North Korea in the ages of Tang and Song, in South Song, Suzhou started mass-produce. It is the most important to use the paper of the Folding Fan's faces, pay attention to very, must be made of the best painting paper. The fans' faces pointed to dye paintings by the craftsmen are called the appearance, the white faces which are stayed to invite a paintings specially assigned are called Sumian. The bone of the Folding Fan uses to anticipate also pays attention to very, having the valuable ivory, red sandalwood, generally use the black wood, the palm tree bamboo...etc. The manufacture of fans' bone is also very exquisite, in addition to beating to whet smoothly, there are still bossed, Loukong craving, green paint, insetting the patterns or literalness. The Sandalwood Fan is a kind of Folding Fan, gets name because the bone is made of the sandalwood wood. The most of Sandalwood Fan are female fans, spread widely in the women. The circular fans are called the Tuan Fan or Zhi Fan again, it was the ladies' patent in palace as early as Han dynasty. It was more popular and spread to the folks gradually in Tang dynasty. The circular fans which are made of Juan are called the Juangong Fan, have the one side plain Juan, two-sided stretch tight Juan, mire gold, porcelain green, bluish-grey color etc., the styles are numerous, they regard circular as principle, still have shapes of hexangular, plum flower, begonia, lotus leaf, long circle, the waist etc. The handle fans use materials, such as Xiangfei Bamboo, palm tree bamboo, hardwood, monsters' bone, ivory...etc. Juangong Fan takes colorful Juan, or the Su faces to give the history and follow with the side of Jin and the hair side, wear with the falling tassels, jade, they are supple and lovely, can increase the women charmingly feminine, and then are the adornment thing of the particular clothing, show affection by a lot of women.

>>The wood-carved year paintings in Taohuawu
The wood-carved years paintings in Taohuawu of Suzhou, the wood-carved years paintings in Yangliuqing of Tianjin and the wood-carved years paintings in Yangjipu in Weifang of Shandong are called the three greatest wood-carveds years paintings in China. The wood-carved years paintings in Taohuawu began from the end of Ming Dynasty, has already had the history of more than 350 years, the earliest workshop was at Taohuawu Street of Suzhou, as a result got the name. In Qing Dynasty, the art form has already tended mature, and became the special style of oneself, in the period of Yongzheng and Qianlong, it was very prosperous, was called north Liu and south Tao with the willow youth paintings. The year paintings' form are near to the folks' life, are rich in adornment, the things are beautiful and the price is low, spread extensively in large common crowds, its race style also is welcome by abroad people, for example the Japanese Fushihui was under the influence of year paintings of Taomuwu. In the end of Ming Dynasty and at the beginning of Qing Dynasty, the appearances of year paintings since is hot row, abundant but again well arranged and have the preface, are rich in the life breathing, described prosperous prospects of the peaceful times of Kang, Qian and Jia vividly. Opium War later, it changed direction of the farmer style, became currently this kind of art special features, the composition is plentiful full, the color is fresh, gorgeous and exaggeration, it is full of adornment.

>>Biluochun Tea
It is one of the ten famous teas of China, is called Xiasharenxiang. The Kangxi went in south and passed by Suzhou, added the applause greatly after tasting the tea's flavor. Because the tea is adapted in the period of Qingming and Guyu, was granted to name of Biluochun, was juxtaposed for the contribution.
The method of making tea: Take a few of tea, put into warm water, its white Hao will dissolve slowly, the tea dip down, the cup's bottom is verdant at this time, but the water is still tasteless, pour out about 2/3 water, then blunt with boiled water, when the tea all launch, the water's color is pale green such as jade at this time, the tea's flavor is heavy.

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