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Welcome to Suzhou!
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Suzhou Overview

Suzhou City that possesses the good reputation of having the heaven up, descend to have Su and Hang locates in the northeast of the Tai Lake in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, in central part of Yangtze River Delta. It faces Shanghai in the east, connects with Zhejiang in the south, connects with Wuxi in the west, and depends on Yangtze River in the north. It belongs to the subtropics climate which is geniality and wetness, the four seasons are clear, the volume of rain is abundant. The mountains outside the city rise and fall, the lakes embellish among the landscape and scenery, rivers and lanes in the city are horizontal, the city appearance of water. The total area of the whole city is 8488 square kilometers, it governs 8 areas which are Changlang, Pingjiang, Jinhe, Huqiu, Wuzhong, Xiangcheng, industrial park of Suzhou and new area of Suzhou and 5 County-class Cities that are Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Taichangm, Kunshan and Wujiang. The total population is 5,780,000 people. The inshore rivers are horizontal, the lakes are numerous, the Jinghang Canal contects with south and north, Wangyu River, Lu River, Taipu River etc. contect with east and west, Tai Lake, Yangcheng Lake, Kuncheng Lake, Dianshan Lake are in the interval. The ancient city's area is 14.2 square kilometers in Suzhou, it is narrow from east to west, it is wild from south to north, presents the rectangular. There are two inside and outside moats in the surrounding of the city, there are seven land-and-water city gates and 1 land city gate on all sides. The rivers and streets in the city proceed together; the residents are in front of streets and behind of rivers, face the river to reside. Therefore, the structure and form of the Suzhou City can use" three pairs of" to generalize, which are double moats, double city gates and double chessboards. Although most of the ancient city's wall destroy, the city gates also were tore down, the most ancient land-and-water city gate still is reserved intact, a chessboard that a moat proceed together with the lane of water, an alley still it is thus clear that arrive. There are a lot of rivers in Suzhou City, it is total long 35 kilometers, and there are 186 every kind of arched bridges, the beam bridges above the rivers. Du Xunhe in Tang Dynasty had the poem great Suzhou:" The gentleman arrives the Gu Su see, somebody else exhausted river. The ancient temple is care freely little, the small bridge of harbor of water is many."
The famous cultural Suzhou has the long history of more than 2500 years, has more than 500 places the point cultural object protection units, including more than 10 national class cultural object protection units, 59 province-classes and 367 city-classes. In regard to quantity, it is only next to Bejing, Xian. In this numerous cultural object historic monuments, parks of Suzhou take their cleverly made, fine and careful layout, the deep cultural content of the proper quiet view, proper comparison, proper aftertaste only" parks of Chiang-Nan are the number one in the world, parks of Suzhou are the number one in China-Nan", in December of 1997, it was listed in the the cultural inheritance of world record by the Education Section Organization of United Nations.

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