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Welcome to Suzhou!
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Suzhou History

Suzhou was called Wu in the past. In the end of Shang Dynasty, Taibo and Zhongwei who were the sons of Zhou King went to south in order to avoid the scepter, set up Wu Country. Spreading to the Shoumeng, Wu Country was more prevalent. In 514 B.C., Wu King asked Wu Zixu to found a capital at the city address of Suzhou now.
Qin established Wu County, which was governed the Kuaiji County. It belonged to Wu Country in the period of Three Kingdoms. In 549, Hou Jing revolted, the city was persecuting. In 589, it was called Suzhou. After 2 years, Yang Su moved the city in HengMountain. In 624, replied to move the old city. In 778, Suzhou became unique the male state of China-Nan. In 1113, Sushi was raised as Pingjiang Mansion. In 1130, soldiers of Jin Dynasty invaded in south to ruin the city. In 1229, Suzhou was compiled the city and reconstructed. In 1275, the Mongols captured China-Nan, the city was defended the breakage again. In 1276, Suzhou was groverned by Pingjianglu. At the end of Yuan Dynasty, Zhang Shicheng called the king in the city. In 1724, it was the provincial capital of Jiangsu, the Suzhou Mansion governed 9 counties, the Changzhou County, Yuanhe County, Wu Country were together the city but cure. In 1860, the Peace soldiers fought against the soldiers of Qing, the Suzhou City was break severity, and the population was down sharply. In the next year, the Peace Kingdom of Heaven built up Sufu Province, took Suzhou as the provincial capital. After three years, the Peace soldiers were failure, instauration establishment as before. After the revolution of Xinhai, the provincial capital moved in west, discarded Suzhou Mansion, and merged the Changzgou, Yuanhe and Wuxian to Wu Country. In April 1949, Suzhou City established. In 1983, it merged with the region of Suzhou.

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