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Welcome to Suzhou!
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Suzhou Cuisine

China has the four greatest dish departments of Su, Lu, Yue, Chuan, the taste is each not same, the persons call" the east sour, the west hot, the south sweet, the north salty", the dishes of Su belongs to the taste of the south sweet. The characteristics of Su's dishes are to choose to anticipate carefully, do the work fine, depend on material to boil, have differences all the year round, excel to braise, steam, burn, fry on the cooking, lay equal stress on to see to adjust the soup, keep the juice taste. The taste is simple elegance to tend sweet, nuance diapason. The famous Su's type placard dishes have: Songshuguiyu, Qingtangyuchi, Xiangyousanhu, Xiguaji, Muyouzhengji, Taihucuncai Soup, Feicuixiadou, Hehuajijindun etc. The snacks of Suzhou also are known in the world, Mizhidoufugan, Songzitang, Meiguiguazi, the shrimp sauce, the Zaonimabing and the lard New Year pudding etc. are all very popular delicacies, must be tasted.
Deyue Building and Songhe Building are the famous Su's type restaurants. The Old Tea Wine Shop of Suzhou is known with the traditional Su's dishes; Zhuhongxing Nooldes Reserant and Luyang Wonton etc. have beautiful things and low price, they are fit to public consume.
The main delicacies streets of Suzhou have: The Eunuch Lane, Shiquan Street, Xueshi Street, Jiayufang, Phoenix Street, Ganjiang Road and Shilujinmenshangshi Delicacies Street etc.

The mutton of Changshu Town

The mutton of Changshu Town is known for the whole country. The mutton of here is the handing over specie of goats in Dongshan and Australia home meat sheep, fresh, delicate, in spite of braising in soy sauce, boiling in the white water, it has no flavor. Their associations in Cangshu Town assessed star-class of the mutton restaurants, the doorway contain Bronze Medal, about 3 star-classes have 7 or 8, the prices are all about, they are slightly expensive than not 3 star-classes, but 7 people have already eat very well to spend about 200 Yuan. The Eastern Hotel is famous one of them.
The dinings of Cangshu are very abundant, the delicacy and good dinners are numerous, and mostly quality goods at reasonable price, the color, joss-stick, and flavor are complete. There are ten famous dishes which are Jiaohua Chicken, Baizhixilusun, Chugudayuqiu, Zhuangguoyou Chicken, Qingtangtuofei, Furongxiedou, Chugushengtuo Duck, Songshucaoyou, Xiangyousanhu and Qiyou Bean Curd Soup, eight famous snacks which are Binghulu, Panxiangbing, Lizigeng, Chaoxuezu, Shanyaogao, Biandousu, Yinzigao, Zayuanxiao, still the tasty laurel blossom wine. The Jiaohua Chicken is delicate, fresh and beautiful, is most famous, you can arrive at its source which is well-known Wangsi Girlie Restaurants to taste the orthodox taste. Various desserts are made of the blood glutinous rice, the flavor is quite good, and it is well worth to taste. Be as the water country of China-Nan, gets close to Kuncheng Lake and Yangcheng Lake in the south again, the marine products in Cangshu are special abundant and rather famous. While visiting in the famous spot historic monuments, taste the fresh products in river which is Dazaxie in Yangceng Lake, the natural flavor is thicker, even enriching the interesting aspect.

>>Beggar's chicken
It is rumored that a beggar got a Sanhuang Chicken whose mouth, feet and skin were yellow in the Manchu Dynasty in the Yu Mountain, since had no cookers or adjust to anticipate, couldn't boil the food, hence roasted the food with the native method. Killed the chicken firstly, went to its internal organs, took the hair to draw the mire, took the leaves to become the fire, baked the chicken, waited for the mire stem maturity, knocked to the mud, the chicken hair took off with the mire hull, the chicken was delicious, was an unique in China-Nan.

>>Dazaxie in Yangcheng Lake
Cangshu is a point production area of Dazaxie in Yangcheng Lake. This crab is large, heavy the half catty, green back and the white belly, yellow hair and golden claws, the cream fat is plentiful full, the meat quality is delicate, once being the contribution to dedicate into the palace, now it is also to spread fame Chinese and Foreign.

Be so called the Yaxieru, a skin and hull of the valley present shallow purple, the grain of rice is deep red such as the duck blood. Make the foods, such as Jiuniang, Fentuanzi, eight-treasure rice pudding, Hongmisu, Mifen...etc. with the Xieru, not only the color is beautiful, and it is sweet and tasty, the nourishment is abundant, it has become the imperial government's contribution since Ming Dynasty, in the late Qing Dynasty the Cixi Queen Mother was favorite to eat, she asked to carry the Xieru from Cangshu every year to provide for her to enjoy.

>>Laurel Blossom Wine
"Ten miles of Yu Mountain is green and green, the laurel blossom and white spirit enter in Beijing", this was a folk song that spread in the society in the 1950s. The laurel blossom wine is good wine in Cangshu, is famous in China, Chairman Mao Wrote a poem to prise it.

>>The special features vegetables--- the Yuba Lung Soup
It is the traditional famous dish of Mudushijia Hotel in Suzhou. The fish stomach is white, the back is the green ash, there is striped patterns, it can take air like balls floating in surface, is the special product of Suzhou. This fish appears on market in annual autumn, the meat quality is delicate. The Lung Soup cooks with the fish liver and fishes, the soup is pure, fresh and beautiful, the fish liver is fatty and delicate, going together with the ham, bamboo shoot slices, the greenery vegetables...etc., it is delicious, fresh and beautiful, the guests who know it to taste are form a continuous stream.

>>Special features dish ---- Songsugui Fish
It is rumored that Qianlong went to China-Nan, arrived at Songhe Building in Suzhou, saw the absolute being frisky carp which was live to leap on the stage, indicated to ask the cook to boil for him to eat then. The cook knew that the emperor arrived, dare not to neglect the slightest, not only putting forth effort on the taste, but also raising head the tail the fish burn of squirrel shape, after Qianlong eat and added the applause greatly, Songsu Fish was famous then from here. Now, the Songshu Fish takes the Gui Fish as raw material more, the color is sauce red, outside frailty and inside delicate, it is sweet, sour and proper, the color, joss-stick, flavor are complete, it makes persons drool.

>>The special features dish --- Biluo Shelled Shrimp
Adjust to anticipate with the pure fragrance tea juice of the new Biluochun, cook together with shelled shrimp in the river, it has the fresh flavor of the shrimp in river, the subtle fragrance of the well-known tea again, has the taste.

>>Special features dish --- Watermelon Chicken
Regard fatty and delicate hen as principle to anticipate, put the chicken into the watermelon, pour into the chicken soup, and put into the ham slices, bamboo shoot slices, black mushrooms...etc., add the original soup, cover the melon cover, then it can be ascended the table after steaming for several minutes. The Watermelon Chicken has beautiful and subtle fragrance flavor, the soup is pure and the melon is joss-stick, the nourishment is abundant, it is the traditional famous dish of Suzhou.

>>Special features dish --- Baizhijuncai
Juncai is a terrapin or turtle in fact, its nourishment composition of protein, fat, sugar, vitamin etc. are very abundant, they are most fatty and strengthen with the Caihua turtle of the spring and the laurel blossom turtle of the autumn. So the persons of Suzhou have the custom of eating Baizhijuncai and Qingdun turtle to nourish to keep the body in the spring and autumn. It is to cook turtle to cut into a piece of form, assist to adjust to anticipate with the yams, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, spring onion gingers, salt, wine...etc., after cooking the marinade is brightness, dense and thick, the taste is salty to take sweet, it is the traditional famous dish of Suzhou.

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