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Welcome to Suzhou!
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The Festival celebration of Suzhou

>>The silk tour stanzas of Suzhou in 2005
The international silk stanza of Suzhou in China and Gold Autumn Travel Month Activity is autumn tour festival activities which are held conjointly by national spinning total committee and the people government of Suzhou City. The international silk stanza of Suzhou in China takes silk as the topic, contacts the series of festival activities of tour trade and the extrovert economy. Gold Autumn Travel Month Activity is the important drama of the silk stanza, is also the series tour activity that Suzhou release in the autumn, the main contents include Huqiu temple fair, Panmen Mid-Autumn appreciating moon evening party, crab cultural stanza of Yangcheng Lake, Luweidang cultural stanza of Shajiabang, chrysanthemum exhibition in each parks' beauty spots of Suzhou, red maple stanza in Tianping Mountain etc.

Traditional folk festivals in region of Suzhou

>>Zha Fairy
On annually April 14th of Chinese calendar, a lot of citizens of the cities and countries of Suzhou will flow inside the fairies' temples which are neighborhood of Xiatang Street in Laohemen to Zha Fairy. It is said that the day is the birthday of Lu Chunyang who was one of the Eight Fairies; he would change into the mendicant to arrive at the human life that day, help persons. Hence people all come here in this day, hope to meet the fairy, go to the diseases and prevent disasters; the lucky star is high to shine on. It is just a civil religious activity at first, changes into a grand temple fair once a year. Then, the small stands nearby of the fairy temple stand up like a forest, each kind of snacks, handicraft products, the flowers, birds, insects and fishes complete with everything. Currently, the Nanhao Street has become the very thick Suzhou's type ground with city's culture of Suzhou, there are the traditional taste snacks, special features food, civil handicraft products, small merchandise, flowers, birds, insects, fishes, curios and embroiders. It loads the folk tales and the history stories of Suzhou in the past and drew on numerous Chinese and Foreign visitors, is the new hot point of tour in Suzhou.

On annually June 6th of lunar calendar, Suzhou has the custom of basking the books. Each temple moves away the books to insolate, the monks take advantage of an opportunity to call the old women of country to open the Fanjing Meeting, turning over to bask under the hot sun from them, enounce that they turn over for ten times, can change to the male in the future life. There is folk's words to say June six, the dogs have bath. In that day, people lead the dogs and cats to take bath in the river, they can avoid the flea.

>>Eat Leizaisu
It is rumored that the birthday of Leizun is on June 24th of lunar calendar. Eat Leizaisu is to eat vegetable for respecting the Leizun, it is said it can prevent disaster and avoid the epidemic disease to protect peaceful. In the past, the persons of Suzhou eat the Leizaisu, it generally started from June 1st to the birthday of Leizun, lasted nearly a month. In this day of breaking vegetarian fast, the Songhe Building Restaurant in the Guanqian Street specially released Luya Noodles at this time; therefore, there is a riddle in Suzhou, The Leizaisu break vegetarian fast-- Luya Noodles.

>>The Qiqiao Stanza
It is called Daughter Stanza again. It is said that in this evening, the magpies form into groups to fly toward Milky Way, take the magpies bridge, and let Niulang meet Zhinv on the intergalactic magpies bridge. The civil custom is to offer sacrifices the Zhinv in the night of the seventh night of the seventh moon, begging humbly the intelligence and skill toward her, being called the Qiqiao.

>>Winter Solstice
About on annually December 22th of Christian, persons of Suzhou all have reunion of the whole family, eat the Winter Solstice night meal, and drink the Dongniang Wine. According to the old rules, people visit toward elders in the Winter Solstice still like in the New Year. Persons of Suzhou pay atation to Winter Solstice, because Winter Solstice is the beginning of a year according to the style of Zhou Dynasty. The royal ancestors of Wu Country were the posterities of Zhou King; the Winter Solstice is exactly the keepsake of Zhou Dynasty's style.

On annually August 17 and 18 of lunar calendar, the persons of Suzhou has the custom of visiting the Stone Lake. It is rumored that in this several days' night, on the surface which is in the north of Jiuhuan Holes of Xingchun Bridge above the Stone Lake, each hole has the shade of moon, nine moons' shade connect to become the grand view.

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