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Welcome to Suzhou!
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The amusement in Suzhou


The paradise of Suzhou is called Eastern Disney; it has the characteristics of the international modern play high-tech and deep cultural contention. Place one among them, you since can grasp the riotous gorgeous Euro-American elegant appearances and then feel the thick eastern natural sentimental, the Chinese and foreign cultures like breeze in spring to come faces, let the persons a pleasant change of atmosphere. The Bright Pearl Paradise of the Tai Lake is the national class tour resort area, paradise gathers the amusement, leisure and made sight-seeing trip, traveling, spending a holiday in integral whole, take top-grade facilities for a lot of visitors to provide the top-grade service. In October of this year, Guanqian Street of Suzhou would restart through repairing in half a year, many amusement places such as Tea Zhuang, Wine Building etc. also all through repairing a new, restart lately, then it will be a on foot street which gathers the amusement, dining, sightseeing in the integral whole.

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